Compliance Carbon Trading

Advisory and trading on behalf of energy producers and industrial clients across different carbon schemes. 

Environmental Partners' team advised over 200 compliance clients in EU ETS Scheme, executing spot, forward, option, swap and structure products' transactions.

Voluntary Carbon Offset

Environmental Partners have a unique approach to help corporates clients to achieve carbon neutrality by combining carbon audit, procurement of carbon credits with customise PR/marketing strategy. 

Carbon footprint offset and neutrality adaptation are the catalysts for brand image and organisation efficiency. 

The company is working with several project developers to offer carbon credits from renewable, social, forestry and waste utilization projects.

Biomass Trading

Environmental Partners works with biomass producers, from all over the globe to introduce and bring forestry biomass to industrial and domestic buyers. 

The team has worked with several biomass factories in Eastern Europe and brought briquettes, industrial and premium wood pellets to Scandinavian, German, Italian and UK markets.